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Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 21:16:11 -0600 From: Mary Waller <mswaller@iw.net

On a recent episode of Flea Market Finds with the Kovals, another one of these quilts was shown. You can see part of a block on HGTV's site at Although there's no full picture on the web site, it's definitely the same quilt design. Mary Waller Vermillion SD USA


Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 08:54:56 -0500 From: "Judy Kelius (judysue)" <judysue@ptd.net> T

I think the group decided a long time ago that this quilt is authentic. It just happens to be in wonderful condition. One of the QHL members was actually the underbidder at the auction and vouched for its age and condition. As far as not taking credit cards, the reserve on this quilt is probably more than most people's credit card limits - and neither eBay payments or Paypal will process an amount that large. 

The worst case of shilling I saw on eBay was a quilt that I had sold to someone else on eBay for around $1000. A few weeks later it reappeared on eBay (with MY photos and MY description) and the bidding was up to more than $5,000 in less than a day and hadn't met reserve! I protested her right to use my photos and it was withdrawn but I found out later that the high bidder was actually the woman's husband! I didn't have to report it, since by the time I found this out, they had been expelled from eBay for other reasons. She relisted the quilt on eBay later with new photos but was unable to get the bidding much over $1,000 - made me feel good! 


Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 20:00:42 -0500 From: Barb Garrett <bgarrett@fast.net

eagle1.jpg (68911 bytes) After several wonderful days filled with quiltie activities, I'm finally able to do some looking in my favorite revolving picture book -- ebay -- and found a quilt with very interesting eagles. Note -- I don't consider it a reference book for many reasons, but it's a great way to see alot of pictures of interesting (and uninteresting) quilts. We've talked before about the graphic 4 corner eagle layout found in some central PA quilts, so when I saw PA eagles in this listing I was excited -- then I saw the quilt and it got even more exciting. These eagles are not in the typical location -- they are smaller and all around the border -- the good spread eagle pose, but they form the border of an absolutely beautiful red and green applique album quilt. And there are 16 eagles on this one quilt! Most of the red and green applique album quilts found in northern Maryland/southeastern PA have flowered vines or swags in the border -- not eagles like this. Very unusual. Click on the thumbnails below 


eagle7.jpg (51174 bytes) eagle13.jpg (53811 bytes) eagle20.jpg (37972 bytes) eagle12.jpg (53161 bytes)
eagle4.jpg (47588 bytes) eagle5.jpg (39766 bytes) eagle8.jpg (53642 bytes) eagle10.jpg (42003 bytes)
eagle3.jpg (54742 bytes) eagle11.jpg (48221 bytes) eagle19.jpg (31616 bytes) eagle206.jpg (47102 bytes)


Two observations and a question -- all of the eagles are facing the side with the arrows. I just heard someone say that the way the eagle was facing -- toward the arrows or the olive branch, indicated whether the maker was for war or peace. Has anyone ever heard or seen written record of this concept? Thanks. Also, look at the definite orientation of the quilt -- no eagles are standing on their heads -- the quilt has a top and bottom. Today I think we would probably face all the eagles out for balance, but they faced them so they were right side up on the bed. Be sure to check out all the wonderful pictures -- Judy is great with her listings -- accurate, complete, and some of the best pictures on ebay, including close ups. Don't miss the scissors in the quilting. Enjoy......And thanks for the help with my question. Barb in southeastern PA