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Subject: Re: Salinda Rupp Quilt From: "Jeff 'n Sheri Lesh" <jefflesh@netins.net> 

I also went looking for a photo in my books and found a beautiful one in America's Glorious Quilts on page 289. It also has a short description paragraph.

Sheri in Iowa


Subject: Re: symbols From: "Jeff 'n Sheri Lesh" <jefflesh@netins.net> Date: Sat, 7 

There has been some discussion of symbols recently and I just ran across this book on my bookshelf, forgot I had it. :)

It is called Symbols Signposts of Devotion by Ratha Doyle McGee, it was printed by The Upper Room. Mine lists a copyright of 1956 and 1962. The library of Congress # is 62-21157. There is also another number at the bottom of the page of UG-92-40-10-0962, don't know if that means anything or would be helpful in located this book. It is a small hardbound book with 116 pages.

It is a reference of religious symbols and a brief history of each one. I found it going through some of my grandma's things and recognized the value of it in regards to Baltimore Album quilts and others. So it might be something that you all would like to search for and include in your own personal library

Sheri in Iowa.


Subject: Salinda Rupp From: Trishherr@aol.com Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 16:58:09 EDT 

Dear Judy,

More information on the Rupp, Bucher, Snyder connections there is an excellent textile section in a recent hard cover book the Heritage Center Museum has put out after my Quilting Traditions. It is by noted Mennonite historian Clarke Hess and was published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. I am not at home to give you more information. It can be ordered through Schiffer, our museum on line < www.Lancasterheritage.com> or Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.

Hope this helps,

Trish Herr


Hi y'all!

I think someone posted a question wondering who is going to the Vermont Quilt Festival (VQF).

I will be there in my capacity as Executive Director of ABC Quilts along with many ABCQ volunteers. For the second year, VQF has generously given ABCQ floor space in Plumley Armory for a quilt-a-thon. Bernina loans us sewing machines, Keepsake, P&B, Free Spirit, the Warm Company and others have donated fabric and batting. We have lots of volunteers come (more always needed) and we sew lots of quilts for at-risk babies.

What does this have to do with quilt history? Well, we celebrate 15 years of service this year, and will officially announce our 500,000th quilt sometime this summer. (I keep thinking there is a research paper in here somewhere, but just haven't gotten to it yet.) We are the only national "quilts-for-a-cause" project that I know of that has teaching kids to quilt in our mission statement, and we have a small project for them to work on at our quilt-a-thons. We will also be at the Quilt Odyssey in Gettysburg, PA in August for the second time, courtesy of Missy Molino.

I invite you all to come "hang out" in our space. If you would like to use it as a QHL meeting place, I encourage you. If you need a fix of quilting between exhibits or trips to Shelburne, sit down and work on a wee quilt, or decorate some blocks. Or just come by to visit, but I hope to see you all in just a couple of weeks!

Pam Weeks Worthen, still whining in southern NH about too much rain!


Because of a momentary fit of forgetfulness, I don't remember which List was discussing Spring Maid reproduction. So I'll send a comment to both Lists. I go back & forth between them constantly and so many of us are on both!

Anyway, I just noted the fabric is for sale on Reproduction Fabrics site. It is listed under RETROS - 1950s to 1970s. Then it says it is a copy of a 1952 Spring Mills print! So that date is the answer we were looking for. But I also noted they specifically stated that Retro was 50s-70s: a date and term which some had been discussing eons ago!!! : ) Evidently the company expects to print others from its archives too. cb


I've lost something I thought I bookmarked, and also I'm not sure which list it was on.

Its a new book about a reproduction quilt along the lines of Dear Jane, the title is something like 'Nearly Insane' ? I've tried that and variations on Amazon but got nowhere. Can anyone help?

Sally W

Re: What was that book? 2003-06-10 08:32:00 <The Motl's>

It's "Nearly Insane" by Liz Lois. You can reach her at her shop, Quilt Emporium, East Troy, Wi. 262-642-4777. It's self published so she can tell you where it is available. Chris

Nearly InsaneNearly Insane...Author Liz Lois fell in love with a picture of a quilt made in Pennsylvania in the 1870's by Salinda Rupps.  Unable to purchase it, she decided to recreate it in 6 inch blocks.  However, she went nearly insane while doing it, hense the title of the book.  If you liked Dear Jane you'll love this!  Order (QBNEI) for $24.95.

Liz Lois and her quilt will be at the Minnesota Quilters Annual Quilt Show June 12-14 at RiverCentre in St. Paul MN. She will be signing her book "Nearly Insane". Also, there is a very interesting historic reproduction quilt among the judged quilts at the show. Pam Pryshepa Ronan


Does anyone have email address/website for Linda Carlson who wrote "Roots, Feathers and Blooms, 4-Block Quilts"?

Please reply off-line. And thanks.



Re: Kettle Cloth and Indian Head

In 1968 I made my first quilt for my 7-year-old son and chose Kettle Cloth because I thought it would hold up under rigorous wear. I was on my own, no one to ask, and hadn't a clue as to what I was doing, just muddled through. Believe me, it was very nice looking (certainly not a trash cloth) but it was horrible to get a needle through for the quilting. Pat Kyser







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