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Subject: Re: 1864 Foster Diaries From: "Joe MacDonald" <jmacdon6@maine.rr.com> 

Thank you everyone for all of the good information. I have finished the book and am very sorry it only covered the one year. I did find a reference to a sewing machine. On December 26 Jane wrote, "...and a letter from Phi (Sophia) Haskell. She has had a present from the masons of a sewing machine. Oh I am glad for her." Sophia was a dear friend of Jane's who lost her husband earlier in the year. And jeanL, there are a few books that aren't just specifically journals but also collections of letters that I have really enjoyed reading. Pieced from Ellen's Quilt by Linda Otto Lipsett is a collection of Ellen Spaulding Reed's letters and her story. Civil War Nurse: The Diary and Letters of Hannah Ropes edited by John R. Brumgardt is another fascinating story. No specific quilting references in the book but Hannah was a remarkable women. I became interested in her story since she is from the little town I live in (New Gloucester) and she is buried just a few miles down the road from me. I made a quilt in her honor last year, hoping that it would help more people learn about this great woman. Monica in Maine (happy that I don't have to water the garden today!)

----- Original Message ----- From: "Joan Kiplinger" <jkip@ncweb.com> To: "Quilt History List" <qhl@lyris.quiltropolis.com> Sent: Saturday, July 12, 2003 11:46 AM 

> Monica -- factory cloth could have several meanings: [1] grey > goods which had not been converted or > [2] anyone of the muslins or osnaburgs either bleached or unbleached > that were staple underwear fabrics -- in fact in the 1890s-Edwardian age > any undergarment regardless of quality was called an undermuslin or > [3] seconds, flawed in some way or [4] mill overflow or manufacturer's > overflow and therefore not purchases which would create surplus at the > mill or mill store.


Subject: Re: 1864 Foster Diaries From: Midnitelaptop@aol.com Date: Wed, 16 Jul 

a knock on the door and there was the ups delivery person with my book,Foster Diaries from amazon.com....can't wait to start it... thanks so much for the other diary, journal recommendations ttyl jeanL


Subject: Calendar publicity From: "Stella Rubin" <stella.rubin@worldnet.att.net> 

Let's be sure to include Blanket Statements, the newsletter from AQSG. I tried getting a website for Quilter's Newsletter but wasn't able to. I'll have to ask around in the new quilt world. S


Subject: Hershey quilt From: Gail Hurn <gailhurn@yahoo.com> Date: Wed, 16 Jul 

Along the lines of the Lincoln quilt...

I am seeing new whole cloth quilts made in Lancaster County, PA in a design called Heirloom or Hershey. Supposedly the center design of this quilt is based on one made for Mr. Hershey of Hershey Candy fame for his wife. At the least, it has been modified to fit modern beds.

Has anyone heard of a quilt from the Hershey family? Any information would be appreciated.


Gail Hurn

===== Gail Hurn Amish Quilt Connection http://www.amishquiltconnection.com


Subject: More on mill life From: Joan Kiplinger <jkip@ncweb.com> Date: Thu, 17 

To continue with the Foster Diaries thread, I thought this book might be of interest to some. It's been posted to vintage fabric list so I apologize for duplication. I was recently given a copy of The Springs Story, Our First 100 Years1887-1987. Although published by the company, it is no puff piece, but rather an honest approach citing both achievements and glaring mistakes throughout Springs Mills [Industries] history. The book is filled with personal recollections of mill workers, some who started working at 10; southern mill interrlationships and interworkings; leaders in the textile industry and how a company manages to survive though acquisition and ad campaigns -- anyone remember the "naughty" Springmaid ads of the late 1940s-50s which are now collectors items? I'll post some to the eboard later today. As of today, there has only been one outsider to head Springs; the present CEO being a great great granddaughter of the founder and plant operations are still in this country. I have no idea as to the book's availability. A search on addall.com or contacting Springs.com might produce results. It's definitely a book to be aware of and to buy if it ever comes your way..



Subject: See eboard for Springmaidens From: Joan Kiplinger <jkip@ncweb.com> 

Hope you enjoy these Springmaid ads, especially if you are old enough to remember and giggling over the double entendres, hoping your parents didn't think you were old enough to catch on. http://vintagepictures.eboard.com See first tab.


Subject: Re: See eboard for Springmaidens From: "Marcia Kaylakie" 

Joan, what fun these were, how did they ever get past the censors of the day!!! Marcia! 


Subject: New calendar From: "Audrey Cameron" <audreycameron@onetel.net.uk> 

I tried to find the new quilt engagement calendar of the Barnes & Noble site but they didn't recognize it. Please let us know when it is on the site so we "foreigners" can order one! Audrey Cameron in Lincolnshire, England audreycameron@onetel.net.uk


Subject: Springmaidens From: Joan Kiplinger <jkip@ncweb.com> Date: Thu, 17 Jul 

Fortunately many magazines were more broadminded and receptive to comic relief, and censorship was limited to the Hays Office for movies. America had changed drastically after after the rigors of WWII and need humor and smiles. And this is just what the public needed and wanted.

BTW, Laurette has posted 2 more ads to eboard.


Subject: Re: Springmaidens From: Midnitelaptop@aol.com Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 

to begin with all of the ads are drawings not photos (very important),...so there was more leeway...the springmaiden ads look like "varga" girls..... the photo of the young woman in front of the spinning machines...was what photo ads (sears and montgomery ward catalog) were like...... i remember an old old old swedish movie "my life as a dog" ..in the film, there's a scene when the young boy reads his grandfather the catalog ads for women's underwear...which was the grandpa's playboy type fantasies...... thanks for the memories jeanL


Subject: Springmaidens From: Joan Kiplinger <jkip@ncweb.com> Date: Thu, 17 Jul 

Jean -- yes, I thought immediately that artist was either Varga or Petty but it is neither. Can't make out the name; looks something like Willis or Williams. Re ads -- some were photos; there was one I didn't post as it didn't scan well. As you say, there's nothing like art in all its many forms to bring back memories.


Subject: illustrator From: Joan Kiplinger <jkip@ncweb.com> Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 

Jean -- FYI -- the Springmaid illustrator was Fritz Willis on signed ads; don't know those which have no signature.


Subject: Whole cloth wool quilts From: "Lynne Z. Bassett" 

Dear Friends on the Quilt History List,

I have finally joined the QHL! I am sorry that I have missed so many = interesting discussions, which I hear about occasionally second-hand. = But no more! I very much look forward to reading about the research = that you all are conducting and I hope that occasionally I may be of = assistance.

I was very fortunate to receive grants this year from the Quilter's = Guild of Dallas and the Meredith Scholarship of the AQSG. These grants = are allowing me to continue my research on regionalism in whole cloth = quilt design. I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone who = knows of a documented 18th- or 19th-century American whole cloth wool = quilt in a public or private collection. I am especially in need of = quilts documented to the mid-Atlantic region (New York, New Jersey, = Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland).

Many thanks!

Lynne Bassett --


Subject: Springs book From: Joan Kiplinger <jkip@ncweb.com> Date: Thu, 17 Jul 

A limited supply of the Springs book is available by making out check to Springs Industries for $25 [includes s/h], noting "history book" on For line of your check and mailing to:

Molly Laster Corporate Communications Springs Industries Box 70 Fort Mill SC 29716 molly.laster@springs.com


Subject: Re: Whole cloth wool quilts From: Kittencat3@aol.com Date: Thu, 17 Jul 

Welcome, Lynne! It's great to have you aboard!

Lisa Evans Easthampton, Mass.






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