Most states, and several countries, have conducted documentation days and issued a book highlighting their research. These books are listed below. If they are still in print, the title is hyper linked for purchase.  If not, they will show an (OOP) notation.

Alabama - ALABAMA QUILTS: BLACK BELT TO HILL COUNTRY: Alabama Quilts From the Helen and Robert Cargo Collection Gail C. Andrews, et al.  Birmingham, AL:  Birmingham Museum of Art. ©1982 92pp. (OOP)

Arkansas - Arkansas Quilts - Arkansas Warmth, Arkansas Quilter's Guild, AQS 91987), ISBN 0-81945-932-4 (OOP)

A Piece of my SoulA Piece of My Soul : Quilts by Black Arkansans showcases more than seventy-five individual pieces of patchwork quilt art in full-color photography. Each is accompanied by Cuesta Benberry's informative commentary as she details the importance of quilting to black Arkansas and the extensive holdings of African American quilts in the Old State House Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas. Enthusiastically recommended reading for students of Black History, southern popular culture, and the needlecraft arts, A Piece Of My Soul explains the quilt's uses, materials, and construction, as well as what each piece featured says about the needlecraft artist and her beliefs.

Arizona-  GRAND ENDEAVORS Vintage Arizona Quilts and Their Makers by Helen Young Frost and Pam Knight Stevenson. Arizona Quilt Project 1992. ISBN 0-87358-547-X (OOP)

Australia Quiltmakers of Australia: Celebrating the Traditions
by Karen Fail; Paperback

California - Ho For California - Pioneer Woman and Their Quilts - Jean Ray Laury and the California Heritage Quilt Project, E.P. Dutton, NY (1990), ISBN 0-525-48533-3 (DP) (OOP)

Canada - Ontario heritage Quilts, Marilyn I. Walker, Boston Mills Press (1992), ISBN 1-55046-066-8 (OOP)

Quiltworks Across Canada by Gail P. Hunt; Hardcover

Connecticut - Quilts and Quiltmakers Covering Connecticut from the Connecticut Quilt Search Project, available in December 2001.

Delaware - Quilted for Friends - Delaware Valley Signature Quilts 1840 - 1855

Florida -Florida Quilts - Charlotte Allen Williams, University Press of Florida (1992), ISBN 0-8130-1164-7 

Quilts of Provence France - Quilts of Provence: The Art and Craft of French Quiltmaking. NY: Henry Holt, 1996. Berenson, Kathryn, 


Georgia Quilts: Piecing Together a History




Quilt Treasures of Great Britain: The Heritage Search of the Quilters' Guild by Janet Rae, Margaret Tucker, Dinah Travis; Hardcover

Hawaiian Quilt Hawaii - Robert Shaw, Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces (New York: Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, 1996). Introductory essay is the most current overview on Hawaiian quilt history. 

Hawaii - Brandon, Reiko Mochinaga, The Hawaiian Quilt. Honolulu: Honolulu Academy of Arts, 1989. 

Hawaii - Hawaiian Quilts. rev. ed.. Honolulu: Hawaiian Academy of Arts, 1973 (originally published in 1930) Jones, Stella M., 

Hawaii- "The Wilcox Quilts in Hawaii;" Robert J. Schleck (1986); Grove Farm Homestead & Waioli Mission House, Kauai, HI; ISBN 0-9617174-0-8 

Illinois - Somewhere in Between - Quilts and Quilters of Illinois - Rita Barro Barber, AQS (1986) (OOP)

Illinois - History From the heart -Quilt Paths Across Illinois - E. Duane Elbert and Rachel Kamm Elbert, Rutledge Hill Press (91993), ISBN 1-55853-155-6 

Patchwork Souvenirs of the 1933 World's Fair/the Sears National Quilt Contest and Chicago's Century of Progress Exposition
by Merikay Waldvogel, Barbara Brackman; Paperback

Indiana - Indiana Quilts of Indiana; Crossroads of Memories. Marilyn Goldman & Marguerite Weibusch, chairs. Indiana University Press, 1991. ISBN 0-253-32925-6 

Des Moines: Iowa Quilts Research Project ©1990. (OOP)

Number1 Spring 1990 contained a summary of the Iowa Quilt Research Project  efforts in a brief article by Steven Blaski entitled "Quilts
Reveal Lives of Early Iowans" p. 33 that was preceded by a profusely illustrated 17- page article by  Carole A. Spencer "Victorian Crazy Quilts " pp. 16-32. These crazy quilts were from the Des Moines museum collection of
the State  Historical Society of Iowa. (OOP)

Kansas Quilts Kansas - Kansas Quilts and Quilters, Barbara Brackman, Jennie A. Chinn, Gayle R. Davis, Terry THompson, Sara Reimer Farley, Nancy Hornback, University press of kansas (1993), ISBN 0-7006-0584-3 




Kentucky - Kentucky Quilts 1800-1900 - The Kentucky Quilt Project - Jonathan Holstein, John Finley (1982), ISBN 1-880584-03-4 (OOP)

Kentucky - Kentucky Quilts and their Makers. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1976. Kentucky - Clarke, Mary Washington, 

A Maryland Album Maryland - A Maryland Album - Quiltmaking traditions 1634-1934, Gloria Seaman Allen and Nancy Gibson Tuckhorn, Rutledge Hill Press (1995), ISBN 1-55853-341-9 





African American Quilts in MichiganMichigan - MacDowell, Marsha L. African American Quiltmaking in Michigan. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press and Michigan State University Museum, 1997. 0-87013-410-8. 162 pages; illus; 

Michigan - Michigan Quilts - 150 Years of Textile Tradition - Ed. Marsha McDowell and Ruth B. Fitzgerald, Michigan State University Museum (1987), ISBN 0-944311-00-8 

minnesotaquilts.jpg (74289 bytes)Minnesota Quilts, Creating Connections With Our Past, 2005 by the Minnesota Quilt Project and Voyageur Press 
This book showcases 150 quilts from the approximately 4,000 documented by the Minnesota Quilt Project during the past 20 years. The story of the quilts is told through glorious color photographs, vintage black and white images and detailed, informative text. Drawing on oral interviews with quilters and the close study of Minnesota's classic quilts, MQ members Gail Bakkom, Jean Carlton, Patricia Cox, Laura Jelinek, Linda Kosfeld, Jean Loken, Elise Roberts and Kelly Willis explore the connections quilts have had to our history, our families and our everyday life."


Mississippi Quilts Mississippi - Mississippi quilts  Mary Elizabeth Johnson for the Mississippi Quilt Association ; photography by J.D. Schwalm. Jackson, MS : University Press of Mississippi, 2001. 

Mississippi - David Crosby. Quilts and Quilting in Claiborne County: Tradition and Change in a Rural Southern Community. Mississippi Cultural Crossroads, 1999.  (OOP) 


Missouri - Missouri Heritage Quilts by Bettina Havig Pub. By American Quilters Society, Paducah, Kentucky, 1985   (OOP)

Montana - Hurley, Mary. Celebrating one hundred years : the Montana centennial quilt, 1889-1989  Mary Hurley and Marian S. Sweeney. Stevensville, Mont. (260 Paso Dr., Stevensville 59870) : M. Hurley, 1988. 71 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. (OOP)

Montana Star Quilts
by Linda Parker; Paperback

Nebraska - Nebraska Quilts and Quiltmakers, Ed. Patricia Cox Cres and Ronald C. Naugle, University of Nebraska Press (1991), ISBN0-8032-6346-5 

Nebraska - QUILTS FROM THE NEBRASKA COLLECTIONS. Lincoln Quilters' Guild. Lincoln, NE: Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery. 1974.  (OOP)

Northern comfort New England -  Northern Comfort: New Englands' Early Quilts 1780 - 1850.   Bassett, Lynne Z and Larkin, Jack.From the collection of Old Sturbridge Village. Photographs by Thomas Neill. 1998.

New England - What's New England About New England Quilts?: Proceedings of a Symposium at Old Sturbridge Village; edited by Lynne Z. Bassett. Sturbridge MA: Old Sturbridge Village, 1999 


New Jersey QuiltsNew Jersey - New Jersey Quilts 1777-1950, Contributions to an American tradition, Rachel Cochran, Rita Eriksn, Natalie Hart & Barbara Schaffer, AQS (1992) ISBN0-89145-996-0 




Surviving the WinterNew Mexico - Surviving the winter : the evolution of quiltmaking in New Mexico  by Dorothy R. Zopf. 1st ed. Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, c2001 




New York - Quilted together : women, quilts, and communities  edited by Joyce Ice and Linda Norris. Delhi, N.Y. : Delaware County Historical Association,

New York - New York Beauties - Quilts from the Empire State, Jacqueline M. Atkins and Phyllis A. Tepper, Dutton Studio Books NY(1992), ISBN 0-525-93432-4 (OOP)

New York - The Unbroken Thread: A History of Quiltmaking in the Catskills. Hoare, Steve. Hensonville, NY: Black Dome Press, 1996. [New York]

 New York - Patterns in Time: Quilts of Western New York. Hoffman, Lynn T. Buffalo, NY: Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, 1990. (OOP)

North Carolina - North Carolina Quilts, Ellen Fickling Eanes, Erma hughes Kirkpatrick, Sue Barker McCarter, Joyce Joines Newman, Ruth Haislip Robertson, Kathlyn Fender Sullivan, University of North Carolina Press (1988), ISBN 0-8078-1811-9 

North Carolina - PIECES of HISTORY: Quilt Patterns from the North Carolina Museum from The North Carolina Museum of History.  Full-sized patterns of quilts in their collection in handbound books.

North Dakota - Morning star quilts : a presentation of the work and lives of Northern Plains Indian women  Florence Pulford. 1st ed. Los Altos, Calif. : Leone Publications, c1989. 80 p. : col. ill., map ; 30 cm. 

North Dakota - Native needlework : contemporary Indian textiles from North Dakota  edited by Christopher Martin. Fargo, ND : North Dakota Council on the Arts, c1988. 47 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 26 cm. [OOP] 

North Dakota - A CENTURY OF QUILTS: An exhibit of North Dakota quilts in honor of one  hundred years of statehood 1889-1989. Kim R.L. Baird. Fargo, N.D.: The  Quilters' Guild of North Dakota. (OOP)

Nova Scotia - Old Nova Scotian Quilts. Nova Scotia Museum & Nimbus Publishing Limited, 1995. Robson, Scott & MacDonald, Sharon, 

Ohio - Quilts in Community- Ohio's Traditions, Nineteenth & Twentieth Century Quilts, Quiltmakers and Traditions, Ricky Clarck, George W. Knepper and Ellice Ronsheim, Rutledge Hill Press 91991), ISBN 1-55853-101-7 

Ohio - Ohio quilts, a living tradition  by M.J. Albacete, Sharon D'Atri, Jane Reeves ; photographs by Dave Bissett. Canton, Ohio (1001 Market Ave. North, Canton 44702) : Canton Art Institute, c1981. 59 p. : ill. (OOP)

Ohio - Muhlberger, Esther Veach. The history of the Bicentennial Quilt project of the Ohio Valley Quilters' Guild  by Esther Veach Muhlberger. [Cincinnati, Ohio] : The Guild, [c1989] 22 p. ; 22 cm. (OOP)

Oklahoma - Oklahoma Heritage Quilts, Oklahoma Quilt Heritage Project, American Quilters Society, Paducah, Kentucky, 1990 

Ontario's Heritage Quilts by Marilyn Walker; Hardcover

 Oregon - Treasures in the Trunk, Quilts of the Oregon Trail, Mary Bywater Cross, Rutledge Hill Press 91993), ISBN 1-55853-219-6 


Pennsylvania - Lasansky, Jeanette. On the Cutting Edge: Textile Collectors, Collections, and Traditions (symposium papers). Lewisburg PA: Union County Historical Society Oral Traditions Project, 1994 

Pennsylvania -  "Of the Best Sort but Plain": Quaker Quilts from the Delaware Valley 1760- 1890. Chadds Ford, PA: Brandywine River Museum, 1996. (OOP)

Pennsylvania - Lest I Be Forgotten by Nancy & Donald Roan; Goshenhoppen Historians, Inc. (1993) ISBN 1-883801-02-8 

Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Quilts: One Hundred Years 1830-1930. Philadelphia, PA: Moore College of Art, 1978. (OOP)

Pennsylvania -  "In the Heart of Pennsylvania;" J. Lasansky, Oral History Project, (1985) ISBN 0-917127-00-5 (OOP)

Pennsylvania - Plain & Fancy: Country Quilts of the Pennsylvania- Germans, NY: Sterling, 1992. Schorsch, Amita, (OOP)

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Pennsylvania - Threads of Tradition, Northern Pennsylvania Quilts, Ed. Marianne berger WoodsCrawford County Historical Society (1997), ISBN 0-9659939-0-6 

Pennsylvania - Quilts from Two Valleys - Amish Quilts from the Big Valley; Mennonite Quilts from the Shenendoah Valley.  

Pennsylvania - Quilts: the Fabric of Friendship - York County Pa. Documentation Project Angelo, Sharon, Blevins, Garrett, Hamme, Heefner, Stetler Schiffer Publishing Atlgen, Pa. 2000 0-7643-1195-6 160 Paper Back $29.95 

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Pennsylvania - Quilting Traditions: Pieces from the past (Lancaster County Documentation) Herr, Patricia T.schiffer Publishing Atglen, Pa 2000 0-7643-1121-2 160 Paper Back

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Pennsylvania - Pieced by Mother Symposium Papers, Lasansky, Jeanette; 120 pages (April 1988) Union County Historical Society; ISBN: 091712703X

 Rhode Island - Down by the Old Mill Stream; edited by Linda Welters and Margaret T. Ordonez, Kent State University Press, 2000

South Carolina - Social Fabric: South Carolina's Traditional Quilts; edited by Laurel Horton and Lynn R. Myers. Columbia SC: University of South Carolina McKissick Museum, 1986?. 56 pages [OOP]

South Dakota - Sampler Quilt Blocks from Native American Designs
by Joyce Mori; Paperback  Quilting Patterns from Native American Designs by Joyce Mori; Paperback

To Honor and Comfort: Native Quilting Traditions
by Marsha MacDowell, C. Kurt Dewhurst; Paperback

Sweden - Wettre,Asa - Old Swedish Quilts 1995 Interweave Press, Colorado (OOP)

Tennessee - Southern Quilts; Surviving Relics of the Civil War.   Ramsey, Bets, and Brackman, Barbara Rutledge Hill Nashville, Tenn. 1998 1-55853-598-5 160 Paper Back


Tennessee - Cross, Mary Bywater. Quilts and Women of the Morman Migrations [Utah]: Treasures of Transition. Nashville, Tn: Rutledge Hill Press, 1996.

Tennessee - a People and Their Quilts Irwin, John Rice Schiffer Publishing Atglen, Pa 1984 0-88740-024-8 214 Paper Back [Tennessee]  (OOP)


Tennessee - The Quilts of Tennessee: Images of Domestic Life Prior to 1930 by Bets Ramsey, Merikay Waldvogel; Paperback Rutledge Hill Press (1986) Isbn 0-934395-30-6

Texas - Texas quilts, Texas women  by Suzanne Yabsley. 1st ed. College Station : Texas A&M University Press, c1984. xv, 99 p. : ill. 


Lone Stars: A Legacy of Texas Quilts, 1836-1936 Vol 1
by Karoling Patterson Bresenhan; Paperback

Lone Stars: A Legacy of Texas Quilts, 1936-1986 Vol 2
by Karoling Patterson Bresenhan; Paperback

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Texas Treasures - Texas Heritage Quilt Society 1986, published by the American Quilters' Society, Paducah

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Virginia - VIRGINIA QUILTS, by Hazel Carter, published by The Continental Quilting Congress, 1987 (OOP)

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Virginia - Virginia Quilts: First Search for Virginia Made Quilts, Beginning in Northern Virginia;" Text by Hazel Carter; Sponsored by the Continental Quilting Congress (1987) (OOP)

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Wisconsin Quilts: Stories in the Stitches 

A gorgeous visual sampling of quilts produced by Wisconsin women over the past two centuries, featuring color photos of many privately held heirlooms. Produced in association with the Wisconsin Quilt History Project, this book offers a rare and intimate glimpse at these tangible pieces of our past.

COLLECTIONS OF THE MILWAUKEE PUBLIC MUSEUM. Donald Hoke. Milwaukee, WI: Milwaukee Public Museum ©1985. 65pp. (OOP)

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