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The Land of Lakes Quilt Study Group continues to meet and enjoy learning together. We wrapped up 2003 with a great meeting at one of the members homes and a showing and discussion of Red and Green quilts. (Of course, a few others snuck in)

As we start a new year, we have made a few changes. Our meeting time (following a regular guild meeting each month) was not affording us the time or optimal space to do justice to our study. We decided to meet less often (on alternate months) at a variety of locations and for a longer time period. We will begin at 10 a.m., bring our own lunches and stop whenever we are done. There are no dues. Anyone is welcome to attend. The first meeting of the new year was a block study held in the Opera Center of Minneapolis. A small group enjoyed a variety of blocks and other show and tell. Please enjoy the photos of both meetings!

Jean Carlton

Our May meeting focused on crib, doll and youth quilts as well as other small items of interest for children or with children's themes. Here is a sampling of pictures taken at this meeting.  The pictures are thumbnails - click on them to see them close up.   Click here for more pictures.
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Here is a sampling of pictures taken at the meetings.  The pictures are thumbnails - click on them to see them close up.   Click here for more pictures.


From the July 2003 meeting.  Click here for more pictures and a commentary
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From the meeting in April 2003
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From the meeting in November 2002
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