Ruston, Louisiana

The first meeting of the Deep South Quilt Study Group was held in Ruston LA on February 6 and 7, 2004.  To borrow from the  Quilt Study Website  "Quilt Study Groups are small groups of quilt enthusiasts who gather on a fairly regular basis to examine each others' quilt treasures and share their knowledge of quilt and/or general textile history. These groups are an opportunity for the both the novice and the experienced quilt historian to be able to closely examine and discuss individual quilts, their history, materials, and techniques. Generally, quilt study groups also share information on quilt related shows, conferences and other events are going on in the quilt world. Some groups set a theme for each meeting. Most groups are very informal and welcome new members or visitors."

While a number of these study groups exist nationwide, so far as we know, none existed in the Deep South until several members of the Quilt History List decided to form this group.

All of us who have worked in various ways to make this weekend a reality are excited about it and about the possibilities it opens for those of us who are particularly interested in quilts and the history of quiltmaking. We look forward to lots of conversation and the pleasure of seeing and learning about many quilts.

For more information, contact Gaye Ingram 

For a description and pictures from our first meeting, click here. 

For a description from the second meeting, click here.


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