Ten enthusiasts from 4 states gathered in Wells, Maine on September 21st to share a common interest in vintage quilts. The theme of the meeting was crazy quilts and we saw a variety from late 1800's up through 1960/70's. There were velvets, silks, elaborate embroidery (from telegraph poles to exquisite tulips), depression era cottons, an all-corduroy quilt, and wools. There was even an all-wool with prairie points, which I had never seen before. You name it, we saw it! 

You can view some of the above mentioned quilts there. The group encourages membership in AQSG and plans to meet quarterly for discussion, study, and sharing of vintage quilts and quilt-related items. The next meeting will be Sunday, November 24th in Wells, Maine. Please feel free to email me privately for further information.  Most of these pictures are thumbnails - click on them to see them close up

telegraph poles


The painting is signed and dated 1887


A real flower


This looks like a pen and ink sketch.  Note the children  in the ribbon above it


Mitten.  The ribbon on the right is the ribbon at the bottom of a hat.


Musical notes


Have you noticed that wherever there is a spider web, there is also a horseshoe?



Cotton crazy

the back

the signature

An unusual edging

Brought home from India










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