The topic was:  Feedsacks.  Here are some examples of what was shown. The pictures are thumbnails, so be sure to click on them to see them close up.  

P5170002.JPG (156147 bytes)

baby quilt

P5170003.JPG (152643 bytes)

interesting layout!

P5170004.JPG (241805 bytes)

Key to the city feedsack


P5170005.JPG (246409 bytes)

Gone with the wind feedsack

P5170006.JPG (166059 bytes)

WWII feedsack

P5170007.JPG (157954 bytes)

the other side

P5170001.JPG (117398 bytes)

dolly feedsack

P5180009.JPG (185116 bytes)

The Wedding Cake House - picture taken on the way home.

Feedsacks were also discovered at the MAQSG meeting.  Click here for more.   

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