Quilt History Teachers in the Northeast US

The teachers and lecturers who are listed here have expertise in one or more areas dealing with quilts and quilt history. You will find those who are qualified to give lectures and/or workshops, including; authors, designers, historians, and more. Each with the love of quilts and quilting, and the desire to share their knowledge with others.  Listings are submitted by the teachers themselves and are sorted into categories based on their general geographic area. 

Eugenia (Genie) Barnes has been a quilt maker since the early 1960's. Genie founded the first quilt guild in central New York and has been involved in the development of many other guilds. She has been a professional quilt maker, teacher, and lecturer on the international circuit since 1978.

Genie is one of the first five people certified by AQS as an Appraiser of Quilts/Quilted Textiles. Genie's quilt making is rooted in the tradition of quilting, both in her work and historical base of knowledge. She is noted for her traditional and innovative piece work, for her ability to aid students with problem solving, her hand skills and designs, as well as her sense of humor.

Genie has contributed to a number of publications, both books, and magazines, and has worked on state documentation projects. Genie is active as a teacher/lecturer in all areas of quilts and quilting. She is also a judge and appraiser throughout the United States and abroad. 

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Lynne Z. Bassett is an independent scholar, specializing in costume and textile history. As the former curator of textiles and fine arts at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Lynne was responsible for the exhibit, "Northern Comfort: New England's Early Quilts, 1780-1850," and she was primary author of a book by the same name, published in 1998 by Rutledge Hill Press. In 2003, Lynne was the guest curator of "Telltale Textiles: Quilts from the Historic Deerfield Collection." Lynne has lectured widely for both professional and general audiences at institutions including Colonial Williamsburg, the Smithsonian, the Peabody-Essex Museum, Historic Deerfield, and the American Antiquarian Society, along with local historical societies and quilt guilds. She has published over 20 articles in magazines and journals including PieceWork, The Magazine Antiques, White House History, Blanket Statements, and the Annual Proceedings of the Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife. Her particular area of expertise is pre-1860 American quilts and quilting practices.  For more information:

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Kris Driessen, Quilt History TeacherKris Driessen of Albany NY is an accomplished quiltmaker, quilt historian, quilting teacher, author, researcher, and lecturer. Her articles on dating, cleaning and just plain appreciating antique and vintage quilts have appeared in many publications including American Quilter, Traditional Quiltworks, Quilting Today, Web Threads, Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts, Vintage Quilts, Sew What's New, McCall's Quilting, Country Home, Quilt History, Planet Patchwork, Quilt Guilds, the Collectors Journal 11th Annual Repair & Restoration Register, Country Living and others.

Kris has been on the faculty of several major events, including NY Quilts!, Quilts at the Crossroads, the Virginia Quilt Consortium, and DSQDS. Her antique quilts have been exhibited at numerous quilt shows including NY Quilts in Troy NY, Common Threads in Vestal NY and Pens & Needles: 19th and 20th Century Signature Quilts at AQS in Paducah KY.

Kris's lectures and workshops on our quilting heritage feature antique and vintage quilts from her own collection. No white gloves needed for this collection! Everything she brings will be touched and examined closely. Kris encourages student participation and discussion, and welcomes quilts for show and tell at all classes. For a list of classes and workshops offered, visit her web site. Her quilt knowledge is extensive and she is able to adapt a class to meet almost any need or situation.

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Lisa Evans Areas of specialization: medieval quilting history and techniques; Renaissance quilting on linen; early applique; pre-colonial patchwork clothing.

Classes taught: A Short History of Pre-Colonial Quilting (1 or 2 hours); Medieval applique (1 hour); Early Patchwork (1 hour)

Lisa can be reached at 5 Deerfield Drive Easthampton, MA 01027 413/527-1374.  She  will be teaching at "In Search of Origins" at Historic Deerfield in September 2003.

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Laura Fisher has lectured from time to time at colleges and before
collector groups about ANTIQUE quilts, hooked rugs, and collecting American textiles.  A videotape of her lecture on appraising antique quilts is available for purchase from the Appraisers Association of America in NYC.  

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Barb Garrett, designer of the "With a Mothers Love" pattern series, lives in the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania and has become an expert on Pennsylvania Dutch quilts and feedsacks.     She offers 3 lectures, plus workshops on making historic doll quilts.   Her first lecture traces the history of quilt making using approximately 120 reproduction doll quilts that she has designed and made to illustrate the talk.   She also offers talks on The Fabulous World of Feedsacks and Pennyslvania German Quilts and Textiles.


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Philip E. Jerauld is a quilt enthusiast with knowledge and experience in both antique and contemporary quilts. He is an appraiser certified by the American Quilter's Society and he lives in Maine. Philip is interested in giving presentations on quilt and fabric dating, and on the appraisal process to quilt guilds, historical societies, museums, and at quilt shows. Contact Philip for more information. 

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Ricki Maietta is interested in contemporary as well as antique quilts. She is an experienced instructor in hand quilting and machine techniques. Ricki lectures on creating an antique look and has several trunk shows that feature antique quilts from her collection. Ricki also presents a slide show based on an exhibit she curated at the Lycoming County Historical Museum.

Workshops include: Antique Doll Quilts, Antique 4-Patch Quilts and many others, including Ricki's own "Still Life Quilting". 

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Merry May has been presenting lectures and demos throughout the Mid-Atlantic region since 1988. Her lectures focus upon her quilt collection which illustrates different styles and techniques which have evolved during the past 200 years. She shares her knowledge as she displays these quilts. 

Merry also offers other lectures and workshops, including "Let's Consider Color", where participants explore color and fabrics. To learn more about Merry you may 

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June Piper-Brandon has been quilting for over 30 years. She learned as a young child and gave it up in favor of clothing construction. June studied Fashion Design at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Following that she studied Archaeology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario and University of Manchester in England specializing in ancient textiles and technology. June always said she would never be a quilter, but she ate those words in 1994 when she taught her first quilting class. June describes herself as a traditionalist and most of her quilts reflect traditional patterns and designs but she is always looking for the quickest way to completion so she can start the next project. June now lives in "Charm City", Baltimore, Maryland with her family where she teaches quilting and sewing at The Viking Center in Glen Burnie and in her own studio.  For more information visit her web site or 

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Sue Reich is a quilt historian, AQS certified appraiser and lecturer who has been the head of the Connecticut Quilt Search for the past 10 years.  She is the co-author of the newly published book, “Quilts and Quilt Makers Covering Connecticut” and enjoys presenting slide lectures detailing the interesting and unusual facts she learned. Click here for a list of her quilt related lectures. 

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Kathleen Davies  
P.O. Box 1193 
Hillburn, NY 10931 


Vivien Lee Sayre is an appraiser certified by the American Quilter's Society, and a member of the Board Of Directors of the New England Quilt Museum (NEQM). She also serves on the Acquisition Committee of NEQM and is a member of the Steering Committee of The Massachusetts Quilt Documentation Project (MassQuilts). Vivien lectures extensively on the history of quilted textiles, colors, patterns and the differences in quilt styles through the centuries. Her knowledge of quilts, both antique and contemporary, allows her to develop lectures to suit the needs of different organizations. This includes quilt guilds, antique and historic societies, church groups, museums, etc.

As a member and past Co-chair of MassQuilts, Vivien has seen some of the earliest quilts to arrive on our shores, as well as those made from imported and domestic fabrics. She has appraised and documented everything from very early historic quilts to the latest art quilts. She encourages class participants to bring their quilts to her lectures for a view into their textile history. Vivien lectures and appraises throughout the country. 

With all this said and done, Vivien feels her most important achievements, above all, are her grandchildren. Oh Joy, Oh Rapture! 

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Cassandra Thoreson lectures on Welsh quilting and history.  She enjoys classes teaching classes on beginning quilting classes at Sew Brooklyn.  She also teaches applique, English paper piecing and signature quilts in and around the Manhattan area. For more information, visit her website or 

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Phyllis Twigg resides in Annapolis, Maryland and is a quilt historian as well as a certified quilt appraiser with the American Quilters Society. She enjoys giving quilt history talks because it gives her the opportunity to show actual quilts from her collection. Most often she works with Judi Gunter in order to present a lively, fun hour of quilts and quilt talk. There's never a dull moment.

"130 Years of Quilts" is a lecture and show of quilts from the 1840’s to the 1970’s. See how quilts of each era have their own beauty and what makes the quilt an example of its decade. Of particular intrigue and delight is Judi's large collection of doll quilts.

"Appraising Your Quilt: What's It Worth?"  shows how an appraiser goes about determining the value of a contemporary or antique quilt. Enjoy both serious and humorous thoughts on appraising.

Contact Information: Phyllis Twigg, 337 Martins Cove Road, Annapolis, MD 21401
410-757-7644.  Visit her website at http://www.Quilt-Appraiser.com

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