Quilt History Teachers in the NorthWest US

The teachers and lecturers who are listed here have expertise in one or more areas dealing with quilts and quilt history. You will find those who are qualified to give lectures and/or workshops, including; authors, designers, historians, and more. Each with the love of quilts and quilting, and the desire to share their knowledge with others.  Listings are submitted by the teachers themselves and are sorted into categories based on their general geographic area. 

Cindy Brick is a quilter, teacher, author, and an appraiser, certified by the American Quilter's Society.  Cindy has made numerous contributions to the world of quilt history.  She has taught classes and appraised on the national level.  Among some of Cindy's classes are: The Incredible Crazy, Dating Antique Quilts, Romping Through the Decades, Redwork, and more.  Cindy is recognized for her efforts in developing time-saving methods to recreate the look of an antique quilt.  For more information Email Cindy or visit her Web Page

Jeananne Wright Longmont, Colorado AQS Certified Appraiser, Quilt Historian, and Lecturer offers these lectures, all given in period costume. 

  • Gather Up The Fragments.......Civil War Era Quilts 
  • Tale of the Thread: Quilts That Helped Settle the West 
  • A Time Less Remembered: Quiltmaking, 1940-70 
  • Blessings and Bedcovers 
  • Tale of the Thread: Stories in Stitches 
  • Amish Quilts, An Historical Perspective 
  • Pre Civil War Quilts and Textiles 
  • Post Civil War Quilts 
  • Where Did It All Begin: The History of Textiles and Quilts 
  • Undercover Work! 

For more information, E~Mail: oldquilts2@aol.com