Quilt History Teachers Outside the USA

The teachers and lecturers who are listed here have expertise in one or more areas dealing with quilts and quilt history. You will find those who are qualified to give lectures and/or workshops, including; authors, designers, historians, and more. Each with the love of quilts and quilting, and the desire to share their knowledge with others.  Listings are submitted by the teachers themselves and are sorted into categories based on their general geographic area. 

Diane MacLeod Shink is a native of Nova Scotia, a graduate of Mount Allison and SUNY Universities and a retired high school teacher. Diane teaches quilting, collects and restores aprons and quilts. She completed the requirements for certification as a Quilt Appraiser in 2000 in Paducah, Kentucky. Her interest in historical quilts has yielded the column Yesterdays Quilts printed quarterly in The Canadian Quilter. Trunk shows, lectures on quilt history, and care of quilts have been given to guilds throughout Canada. She resides in Montreal West, Quebec with her husband and two grown sons.  For more information, visit her web page  

E~Mail Diane at dimacquilt@sympatico.ca 

Andrea Stracke has been teaching handquilting to students in Germany since 1998.  Her specialties are wholecloth quilts and their tradition and history in Great Britain. Visit her website or 

E~Mail andrea.stracke@quiltkunst.de