Sue Reich

Connecticut Quilt Historian
AQS Certified Appraiser
28 Scofield Hill Rd.
Washington Depot, CT. 06794

Biographical Information 

Sue Reich is a quilt historian and lecturer who has been the head of the Connecticut Quilt Search Project for the past 10 years. She is a co-author for "Quilts and Quiltmakers Covering Connecticut," the documentation book of Connecticut quilts. In 2007, she compiled two books "Quilting News of Yesteryear: 1,000 Pieces and Counting" and Quilting News of Yesteryear: Crazy as a Bed-Quilt." She lectures widely on World War II quilts, Connecticut quilts, Crazy quilts, Multitudinous Pieced quilts, and floral quilts. Her extensive collection of World War II quilts has been exhibited at the Quilter's Hall of Fame, the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oakridge, TN, and the New England Quilt Museum.

Professional Affiliations 

Connecticut Quilt Search Project

American Quilt Study Group - regional coordinator for Connecticut
Board Member

Contributed to the Connecticut Memorial Quilt.

AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser

Quilts and Quiltmakers Covering Connecticut 

Quilts and Quiltmakers Covering ConnecticutThis illustrated book is the culmination of 10 years of documentation and research of pre-1950 quilts made in the state. It showcases more than 145 quilts accompanied by the histories of the quiltmakers. They range from a signed and dated pre-Revolutionary War medallion quilt from Stonington to a Grandmother's Flower Garden made by one of Connecticut's most prolific 20th-century quiltmakers.  Click here to order for $29.95

If you have any further questions about the Connecticut Quilt Search Project, contact Sue Reich at 203-868-0028 or E~Mail Sue at 

Quilt Lectures

Quiltmaking That Saw Us Through The War Years - Between 1941-1945, the years of America's direct involvement in World War II, women were keeping the home fires burning, working in the defense industry, and planting victory gardens as their men fought on the battlefront. This Power Point presentation strongly anchored in history, will also
show that women were quiltmaking for the Red Cross, Bundles for Britain, and their own families. Learn how the women of "The Greatest Generation" distinguished themselves through their quiltmaking. Fee is $200, plus travel expenses.

Crazy as a Bed-Quilt - Hear the hilarious stories of women making Crazy quilts from 1880 - 1940 combined with hundreds of close-up visions of decorative stitching. This presentation includes a Power Point show and hands-on examples of the most exquisite needlework and painted motifs that make these quilts unique. Fee is $200, plus travel

Quilts and Quiltmakers Covering Connecticut - A slide presentation that follows the book written by the Connecticut Quilt Search Project. The stories of the lives of Connecticut quiltmakers from 1759-1950 will be presented. Fee for this lecture in $200 plus travel expenses.

Having Your Quilt Appraised: Should You or Shouldn't You? - This lecture will review the importance of having your quilts, both old and new, appraised. The three different appraisals will be discussed; fair market value, insurance value and donation value. The elements of evaluating the worth and quality of a quilt will be stressed. Fee for this lecture is $200, plus travel expenses.

Tulip Mania - The love of tulips is worldwide and centuries old.  This quilt lecture includes a brief botanical discussion of the history of tulips, slides of quilts displaying tulips, and a trunk show from my personal collection. Fee for this lecture is $200, plus travel expenses.

"Is it Scrap Happy" or "Waste Not, Want Not?" - The "waste not, want not" ethic of our ancestors is illustrated through quilts from the early nineteenth century. They saved their scraps, incorporated them into patchwork quilts, and competed to outdo one another in making multitudinous pieced quilts. Slides from the Connecticut Quilt Search
Project, and a trunk show from my personal collection of scrap quilt will be presented. Fee is $200, plus travel expenses.

The Story of Red and Green - Dating from the mid-nineteenth century, the popularity of red and green quilts has been legend. This lecture is perfect to put your guild in the holiday spirit! Slides of red and green quilts from the Connecticut Quilt Search Project, and a trunk show of antique red and green quilts and holiday quilts will be presented. Fee is $200, plus travel expenses.

The Story of Sewing Trade Cards - The sewing trade cards of the late nineteenth century provide a snapshot view of life from 1876 to 1904. This lecture combines historical information about Connecticut's history in textile-related manufactories with the charm and nuances of sewing trade cards of the era. This show is presented as a Power Point presentation. Fee is $200, plus travel expenses.

Connecticut's Textile History - Discover the history of Connecticut's contribution to the textile history of our nation. This lecture will discuss the multitude of sewing inventions, textile mills, and woman's work that made our state a nineteenth century standout in textile manufacturing. Fee is $200, plus travel expenses.

The Quilting Blues - The color blue has always been a favorite in the world of quiltmaking. Available for centuries, blue in quilts make them among the most desirable. See blue quilts from the slide collection of the Connecticut Quilt Search Project and view quilts from my personal collection dating to the late eighteenth century. Fee is $200, plus travel expenses.