Quilt History Teachers in the SouthWest USA

The teachers and lecturers who are listed here have expertise in one or more areas dealing with quilts and quilt history. You will find those who are qualified to give lectures and/or workshops, including; authors, designers, historians, and more. Each with the love of quilts and quilting, and the desire to share their knowledge with others.  Listings are submitted by the teachers themselves and are sorted into categories based on their general geographic area. Click here to submit your listing.

Bobbie Aug is an accomplished quilter, author, researcher, and lecturer. She is also an appraiser, certified by the American Quilter's Society, and is a member of their certification committee.  She is presently working on a sequel to her book on Vintage Quilts: Identifying, Collecting, Dating, Preserving & Valuing entitled Antique Quilts and Textiles: A Price Guide to Functional and Fashionable Cloth Comforts.  It is due to be published by Schroeder Publishing/Collector's Books in Spring 2004.

Bobbie is well versed on almost every aspect of quilting or quilt history, and upon request, will develop a program to meet your group's special need. Feel free to contact Bobbie at qwltpro@uswest.net.

Anne Copeland is a certified quilt appraiser, quilt judge, quilt historian, lecturer, quilting teacher.  She has curated several exhibits, including 100 Years of Comfort:  Quilts from 1900 - 2000.  Her articles have appeared in many publications including Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts, Traditional Quiltworks, Quilting Today, American Quilter, Miniture Quilt Ideas, Vintage Quilts, and Professional Quilter

Anne also serves as a consultant for the professional development of professional fiberartists including the preparation of Curriculum Vitaes, Brochures, Press Releases and Articles; the editing of books, and grant writing assistance, pricing, and evaluation of potential markets for the artists' work.   

Lectures include "How Quilts are Valued" and "Seeing Your Quilt Through a Judge's Eyes." Workshops include "Quilt Restoration," "Finishing Old Tops and Orphan Blocks," "Learning Quilt Dating Through Making Reproduction Quilts," "Overcoming Creative Blocks," and "Successful Self Promotion for Fiberartists."   

For more information, visit her web page.  Anne can be reached via e-mail at anneappraiser1@juno.com  or by phone: (310) 539-5087.

Joe Cunningham was born and raised in Flint Michigan. After high school he played guitar and wrote songs professionally for a decade. In 1979 he met Gwen Marston and Mary Schafer, who introduced him to quilts. Cunningham decided to study quilt history and to learn how to quilt so he could write the text for a catalogue of Mary Schafer’s quilts. Cunningham and Marston worked together throughout the 1980’s, producing over 150 quilts, dozens of magazine articles, eight books and a series of videos. 

In 1991, Cunningham resumed his solo musical career in New York and Vermont. He moved to San Francisco in 1993 to work with Julie Silber in her new quilt exhibition company, The Quilt Complex. In 1995 Joe married Carol LeMaitre, a dancer and Pilates trainer. Since moving to San Francisco, Cunningham has written for Threads magazine, Quilters Newsletter Magazine, Quilting Today, and others. Last year he contributed essays to books for the University of Michigan and Rodale Press. He makes quilts in his studio at the Phoebe A Hearst Preschool, where he is the artist in residence. Cunningham’s latest project is a musical quilt show entitled “Joe the Quilter,” about an 18th century quiltmaker named Joe Hedley. He travels widely to lecture and conduct workshops on the subject of quiltmaking, hand quilting, quilting designs and freehand quilting.  

To contact Joe, call him at 415 379 9387 or visit his website, JoeTheQuilter.com

Beverly Dunivent of Green Valley Lake, CA is a quiltmaker, quilt historian, lecturer, quilting teacher, quilt appraiser; certified by the AQS, as well as a curator of quilt exhibits. She is an authority on quilts of the 1930’s, Crayon quilts, kit quilts, scrap quilts, and the making of reproduction quilts. Her articles have appeared in many publications including, American Quilter, Traditional Quiltworks, Quilting Today, Lady’s Circle Patchwork Quilts, Quilters Newsletter, Vintage Quilts and McCall’s Quilting as well as the book, Class Act Quilts. She serves as consultant to RJR Fashion Fabrics and their Posey Quilt Collection© and Butterfly Hope Collection© are based upon her quilts. She also was featured on a recent segment of Simply Quilts. Beverly can be reached via e-mail or at P.O. Box 8517, Green Valley Lake, CA 92341.  E~mail Beverly Dunivent visit her Web page

Lisa Erlandson is a compulsive quilt collector whose habit has led to several quilt-related specialties. Lisa is an AQS Certified Appraiser of Quilted Textiles, quilt restorer, and quilt historian. In addition to collecting and occasionally selling vintage quilts and fabrics and restoring and repairing new and old quilts, she finds time to make a few quilts of her own.

Lisa has a Master of Arts in Public Communication and has spent many years teaching and speaking in public. Her programs are entertaining and educational - never dull! She offers lectures, workshops and classes on a variety of quilt-related topics.

Lisa is a native Texan and lives outside Gainesville, Texas with her husband, Ricky, and children, Sarah and Eric and a large variety of four-footed friends.  Lisa loves to travel, so no matter your location - ask for a visit!

To contact Lisa, email lisa@lequilts.com  or call 940-668-6758. Visit her website for more information: www.lequilts.com 

Marcia Kaylakie is a quilt collector, teacher, judge and appraiser. In addition to exhibiting her quilts at the IQA Festival she has served as a consultant and liaison from her guild to the exhibit, Quilts: Storytelling One Stitch At A Time at the Texas Memorial Museum. Marcia's lectures and workshops on American Quilting and History often feature antique and vintage quilts from her own collection as she shows us how American quilts reflect the social, political and economic times in American history. She also teaches classes on quilt care, conservation, storage and documentation.

Marcia is a quilt and quilted textile appraiser certified by the American Quilter’s Society. She is a member of the Professional Association of Appraisers– Quilted Textiles, the Austin Texas Area Quilt Guild, American Quilter’s Society, the International Quilt Association and the American Quilt Study Group. She offers many interesting workshops and lectures on our quilting heritage, including a workshop entitled "Old Blocks, New Quilts".  For more information, visit her web site or E~mail Marcia.

Marilyn Maddalena Professional Quilt Appraiser, Quilt Judge, Fabric Historian and Speaker  offers three classes:

  • "Potatoes to Patchwork," a program on antique quilts 

  • "Quilt Show Judging...the way it SHOULD be" 

  • "Quilting in Russia Today."

For more information, visit her website or E~Mail mm@marilynquilts.com

Shelley Hilton Pace of Weatherford TX teaches fast machine piecing techniques; Hand quilting and hand applique; Charm quilts and one-patch designs; Children's quilts (construction techniques); Foundation piecing techniques; Mystery quilts; Use of traditional basting frames; Wild Prairie Patterns.  She can be reached at wldprairie@aol.com

Deborah Roberts is an author, curator,  quilt historian, and appraiser, certified by the American Quilters Society. She has been interested in, and studied quilts, historical and contemporary quiltmakers, quilt history, and quilt value, for over 15 years, and has taught on the national level. Her lectures and workshops can be modified to fit most needs and include both historical and contemporary topics.

"In my historical lectures and workshops we will not only learn about the quilts during a given era, but also how American quilts have been greatly affected by social and cultural trends during the 225 year history of our nation. We will discuss how fabrics, economics, politics, and other factors influenced our quilt heritage from colonial times until present day.  My goal is for students to leave with a deeper appreciation and understanding of American History as well as our American Quilt Heritage"

Deborah is known for facilitating student participation and discussion, and welcomes quilts for show and tell at all classes. Deborah is willing to travel , and has special services that she offers to guilds, historical societies, and museums.  For more information, visit her web site or E~mail Debbie.

Amy Sirk has been teaching quilting for nearly 7 years , specializing in beginning quilting, hand appliqué and beading on fabric.  She offers several project classes that utilize new materials in unconventional ways ie: a Dresden plate quilt done entirely by machine.  While she does teach proper techniques, she does so in a non-judgemental way that builds the confidence of my students and fosters a sense of community and belonging.  For more information, visit her web site or E~mail Debbie.

Linda Visnaw focuses on entry level techniques of coloring with Tsukineko Inks, designing quilting motifs, and free motion stitching. A teaching degree along with her over 50 years of sewing experience has prepared her well. 

Living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Linda feels she has the very best
opportunity of her life. That is, teaching others how to sew and designing for Cactus Punch and Golden Threads. She brings her varied programs and classes to sewing machine retailers and Quilt Guilds throughout the country. Linda is a Sulky Artist and is certified in Golden Threads and Quilting from the Heartland techniques. Visit her website http://www.lindavisnaw.com to see samples and for more information.

Julia Zgliniec lives and teaches in the San Diego, California area, although she does travel to share her extensive knowledge of quilts and quilt history.

 Julia has been teaching various classes in quilting and textile history since 1986, and is able to adapt a class to meet the needs of most group situations. Julia also has 10 years of experience appraising quilts and related textiles. Visit her website for more details.  

As a past instructor for the annual AQS show, Julia has demonstrated teaching expertise for both small groups and large conferences. For information on Julia's availability, you may contact her at rzglini1@san.rr.com.