Andrea Stracke






Biographical Information 
Andrea Stracke has been teaching handquilting to students in Germany since 1998.  Her specialties are wholecloth quilts and their tradition and history in Great Britain. 

Professional Affiliations 


Lectures and Workshops 

Handquilting classes include: Material selection; Preparation of the Quilt tops and the back; Kinds of fleece and their use; Tools for the Handquilter: Needles, Quiltgarn, thimbles; Quiltrahmen; Marking on the Quilt top; a complete booklet including tips and tricks. 

Formative Elements classes include: designing a quilting motif, qulting in the ditch, (Outline Quilting, echo Quilting); Block sample/Motifs; Surface sample/Filling Patterns; Edge sample; Corner solutions; Draft and indication exercises


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