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Monroe County, West Virginia. 

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Biographical Information 

Fawn Valentine's goal is for quilt history to be recognized as an academic subject and given the same respect as American architecture, painting, and furniture.  She teaches college courses in quilt history for Mountain State University's School of Extended and Distance Learning (Beckley, WV) 1-800-766-6067 extension 1530. The courses are ART 281 History of Quiltmaking in Appalachia and ART 282 American Quilt History. These are basically correspondence courses: when the student enrolls, she receives a set of objective examinations to be completed at home, open-book. The textbook for ART 281 is West Virginia Quilts and Quiltmakers (this course also requires two essays in addition to the exams); the textbook for ART 282 is Clues in the Calico by Barbara Brackman. For registration information, contact the Dean of the School of Extended and Distance Learning, at 1-800-766-6067 extension 1530.

Professional Affiliations 

American Quilt Study Group


History Related Lectures and Workshops

“How to Make a West Virginia Quilt”
A slide lecture on the history of quilts from West Virginia. This presentation brings to life the stories reflected in the stitching, the peculiarities of the materials used, and the life behind this antique craft.

West Virginia Quilts and Quiltmakers
Cultural and economic factors including access to fabrics, design models, and sewing techniques have influenced the art of quilt making since the 18th century.
These influences provide illuminating details about the circumstances and lifestyles of those who made them. 

Scotch-Irish Quilts in West Virginia
The history of emigration from Lowland Scotland to the Ulster Plantation to colonial America is embodied in quilts stitched by descendants of Appalachian Scotch-Irish pioneers. Demonstrating religious precepts and clan family structure in their quilt construction, they created a distinctive style of quilts previously unrecognized.

American Quilt History
Through the centuries American quiltmaking illustrates women's responsibility to family and community. This presentation focuses the lens of material culture to identify American quilts with regard to physical components, cultural influences, and philosophical interpretation.

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